Beautiful Feral Cats

Beautiful Feral Cats


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Roeselien Raimond, an avid photographer who is also a huge cat lover, enjoys her pastime taking photographs of feral cats. She has made friends with many feral kitties including some in various places such as Greece.

An orphan tabby baby kitten was given to her and her boyfriend by a cleaning lady while they were on their summer vacation. The kitten was crying and Roeselien felt she had to do something about it. They took the kitten to two different veterinarians and both advised them to bottle feed the kitten every 3 hours, bring her back to the vet monthly and not to take her on a plane because the kitten might not be able to handle it in that condition. Roeselien tried to feed the kitten around the clock, but the little one rejected it every time. They were extremely desperate. [Also see story: Mel's beloved kittens]

They were not able to find anyone to adopt the kitten nor could they locate any animal shelter, Roeselien suddenly remembered seeing a mother cat who just gave birth to a litter of kittens near her apartment. She decided to give it a try and see if the cat would accept this orphan baby. She laid the baby down in front of the cat mother, then she saw the cat gently pick up the kitten, grabbing her like the way any mother cat does to their children, and quickly she ran home. Knowing the kitten finally had somebody to look after her, Roeselien felt a sigh of relief [see the orphan kitten pictures below].

The photos below are images of some of the feral cats Roeselien met in the past. You can see more photos by Roselien Raimond on her flickr site or her website.

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