Beloved Supermarket Cat to Be Immortalized at Store He Visited Almost Every Day for 6 Years...

Beloved Supermarket Cat to Be Immortalized at Store He Visited Almost Every Day for 6 Years...


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The beloved Morrisons supermarket cat, Brutus, will forever be greeting customers at his favorite store as they set to immortalize him with a statue.

Sharon Edwards‎

Brutus had been running the aisles and greeting customers at the Morrisons supermarket in Saltney, UK for many years. He enjoyed lounging by the window as the sun came out, and sitting on top of the recycling bin as the sun came down.

"He delighted children and adults alike with his cheeky 'cattitude', investigating shopping in people's trolleys as they left the store, jumping into cars to investigate, sneaking down the pet food aisle to see what kind of offers were on, and just generally being there daily for everyone to love and fuss," Claire Owens, Brutus' human, said.

"He had a gorgeous fluffy face and strutted around like he owned the place, oh and he loved the camera!"

Brutus "The Morrisons Cat"

Brutus was a fixture at the store for about six years since it was built.

In 2013, he was diagnosed with Polycystic kidney disease, an incurable condition that he was born with, but Brutus continued trekking down to the store almost every day because that was his second home. Being around customers made him a very happy kitty.

Lesley Yarwood

On January 16, after falling ill, Brutus crossed the rainbow bridge. "The number of messages I've received have been overwhelming. It makes us happy to know that he brightened so many peoples lives.

"We thought that a memorial to honour Brutus is only fitting, so that people can still say hello to him and have something to remember him by."

Annette Baskeyfield

Brutus loved offering a helping paw to customers.

"This was her second visit to Morrisons and his second time in her trolley."Deb Robertson

He always brought a big smile to shoppers' faces.

"Brutus making himself comfortable in my shopping trolley!" Laura Cozens

Brutus will be remembered in our hearts forever!

Brutus "The Morrisons Cat"

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