Beulah the Kitty Small in Size but Big in Heart

Beulah the Kitty Small in Size but Big in Heart


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Beulah is the runt of a litter of seven. She is much smaller than her siblings. What she lacks in size, she makes it up in affection and playfulness.

Beulah and her silbings came to Challenger’s House on March 21, 2009. "They'd been born to a stray mother (who evaded capture) and though they were almost 7 weeks old when they came to us, they were pretty small. The boys all weighed in at right around a pound. Tiny little Beulah was only 8.5 ounces, but a scrappy little fighter," says Robyn.

Beulah is sweet and friendly to everyone. She is filled with boundless energy and love. When she is tired, she loves to snuggle up with other kitties and fall asleep.

Size doesn't matter to Beulah. She has a larger than life personality and a big heart! Beulah and her 6 siblings are now living happily at their forever loving homes.

Photos courtesy of Robyn Anderson (flickr: RobynAnderson, blog: Love and Hisses).

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