Bizarre Cat Toy DeCatpitated Heads

Bizarre Cat Toy DeCatpitated Heads


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This is probably one of the most bizarre cat toys I have seen. We know cats are fascinated by fish, birds and mice, so naturally many stuffed toys are made to look like those animals.

But why de'cat'pitated heads? The person who hand made these toys, has a cat that often brings back dead surprises. "As much as I'd love to validate my cat's pride, I could not keep the bird carcass in front of the door. I figured all could win with this decapitated mouse head. I get to see her flex her mean skills and she gets to annihilate something."

The toys are stuffed with catnip with strings  hanging out at the end, imitating certain things that aren't so pretty to describe.  However, the toys are definitely creative. I can imagine my cats biting the heads, pulling the strings and bunny kicking them like mad.

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