Black Cats are Wonderful

Black Cats are Wonderful


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Black kitties are wonderful. These pictures will explain it :). They are sweet, pretty, regal, affectionate, they go with any decor and even enhance the way you look.

Do you have a black kitty?

I am fluffy and cuddly:

Check out my big paw!

Is this cute enough for you?

When I play with others, I look like a little black panther!

I look good with anything even a door

I love my hoomans and I am very playful around them.

I make my hooman's outfit look better and cuter!

I am very good at hide and seek. :)

I love hanging out by the window...

... and looking for birdies through it!

Don't you just love me?

Photos courtesy of ©Betsy Cole. You can visit Betsy’s website at

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