Bullis the Cat, a Mama’s Girl

Bullis the Cat, a Mama’s Girl


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Jenna Johanna from Sweden has a ginger and white cat who adores her mommy and asks for her attention all the time. Today Jenna is sharing her story about her beloved cat Bullis.

Written by ©Jenna Johanna

Bullis was born on May 26, 2008 together with her two sisters. Now she lives in a cat family of five (Pixie, Russi). Her life started rough. She lived in the ceiling of a barn under the insulation and was not used to people and scared, but at the same time she was very curious which helped her gain trust from us faster.

She was in bad condition when she was found and I had to treat her for scabies. It was not easy to get too close to her in the beginning, so I had to stay at the barn and keep talking to the cats until they got used to human voices. When I finally caught her, I was convinced that she was a boy so I named her Bull, but she turned out to be a girl and I had to modify the name slightly.

From day one she was the “bossy” cat. When I bought new toys for my cats she was always the one who snatched them and kept them from everyone. Every time I played with the cats , she would take over the game. Till today she is still very dominant.

She is a little stalker. Wherever I am, she is there. If I go to the bathroom, she sits outside talking and scratching the door. She loves my attention. If she could decide she would rather have me be with her and talk to her all day long. If I don't answer her right away, she will keep meowing and her voice will get louder and more desperate. As soon as I say something back to her, she calms down instantly.

She loves to ride on a computer chair and in a basket and demand me to push it across the room. She thinks it is so much fun. I think she would like a Romba!

If I am sitting on the couch with another cat, she comes right over and squeezes herself in a place next to me. Sometimes if there is no room, she will sit on top of the other cat to make herself comfortable. When I use my silly kitty voice to call another cat, she comes running to make sure I talk to her as well.

Everytime when I come home from work she sits in the window waiting for me. When I pull my car into the garage she switches to another window so she can see me better. Sometimes I wonder if she sits by the window all day long just waiting for me to return.

She has so much personality and is a little troublemaker. If you found something broken in the house, you could certainly suspect that Bullis probably had something to do with it.

I can not describe how much joy she brings into our life.

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