Cat Finds Kitten in Her Home and Tries to Win Her Over and Even Helps Raise Her

Cat Finds Kitten in Her Home and Tries to Win Her Over and Even Helps Raise Her


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A family cat found a kitten in her home and decided to take her in as her own.

kitten exploringBolur the kitten and Titak the cat@titakandbolur

Simin Zargaran has a tabby cat named Titak who is a little dynamo packed with energy. She is an attention seeker and doesn't like to be alone. Knowing how much the cat enjoys having a constant companion, Simin and her husband started to look for a second cat.

That's when she came across a little fluffy kitten named Bolur, whose cat mom left her and her siblings when they were around four weeks old. When she returned, she was in poor shape and could no longer care for the kittens.

Simin and her friend got the mother the medical attention she needed and found them all homes. Simin fell head over heels for baby Bolur and knew she would come home with her.

kitten bedtimeFirst day home@titakandbolur

"On the first day, we decided to keep the kitten from our cat, and introduce them gradually," Simin shared with Love Meow.

But her feline resident Titak had a different plan. As soon as she heard the kitten's squeaks, she came running and appeared in front of the kitten for a meet-and-greet. Needless to say, the little one was not thrilled.

kitten meeting cat@titakandbolur

The kitten immediately got in a defensive stance and started hissing and spitting, trying to appear large by puffing up her fur. The tabby was so intrigued by the little spitfire and determined to get to know her.

Titak would watch Bolur from afar as the kitten quickly claimed the living room. Whenever the tabby tried to get closer, the kitten would put on her ferocious attitude and even try to stand up on her hind paws to scare off the big kitty.


But nothing could stop Titak from trying to win over the new kid on the block. Slowly but surely, Bolur got used to her buddy's scent and her presence. One day, she walked over to Titak's bed, crawled right in and started kneading on her blanket.

The tabby cat was delighted to see her little friend in her crib. "We were so surprised when Titak came over to her and started licking her. That moment was just fantastic," Simin shared with Love Meow.

cat and kitten, best friendsSweetest friends@titakandbolur

"After that, they began to play with each other and Bolur even let Titak groom her."

The tabby cat quickly assumed the role as big sister and followed the kitten everywhere around the house. She became her bodyguard and made sure that the little mischief-maker stayed out of trouble.


The sweet tabby lets the kitten have all her possessions -- baskets, toys, blankets and beds. She is never far away, watching over her little friend.

Watch their journey in this cute video:

Cat and kitten become

The kitten is getting very playful and rambunctious now that she's grown bigger and stronger. She likes to wrestle with Titak's tail and tries to act as if she is one tough cookie.

kitten basket, tabby cat@titakandbolur

"Titak is super supportive of her. When Bolur is eating, sleeping or playing, she is always nearby trying to keep the kitten safe," Simin told Love Meow.

"They play a lot during the day. Bolur likes to chase her big sister and then hide in a place until Titak finds her."

best friends, snuggles@titakandbolur

The two friends are getting along swimmingly. Titak has shown the kitten all her favorite perching spots and even taught her a few feline skills along the way.

"I am so happy and grateful for having them together."

best friends, cat grooming@titakandbolur

The tabby cat adores her little buddy. She is there for her when she plays, and guards her when she naps.


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