Cat Discovered by Hotel Staff Takes in Two Kittens that Needed a Mom and Raises Them Alongside Her Own

Cat Discovered by Hotel Staff Takes in Two Kittens that Needed a Mom and Raises Them Alongside Her Own


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A cat discovered by hotel staff took in two tiny kittens that needed a mom and raised them alongside her own.

kittens exploring newbornErika

To the surprise of the staff at Circus Circus Las Vegas, they found a cat left behind in a hotel room, all by herself.

The cat turned out to be pregnant and needed a safe place to raise her kittens. "The staff there reached out to the family that left her, but they avoided their calls," Erika, who fosters for Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions, shared with Love Meow.

"One of the finders' daughters had adopted from me in the past and reached out for help."

sweet calico tabby catCeCe the catErika

Erika sprang into action and prepared a nursery in her home for the cat named CeCe. "When she came to me, I was surprised at how small she was."

Estimated to be one year old, CeCe was affectionate and sweet towards every person she met. After a tour around her new space, she sauntered up to her foster mom for a cuddle.

sweet cat asking attentionShe is friendly and asks for snuggles all the timeErika

"She's the most loving girl, always wants hugs and snuggles. We have no clue why anyone would abandon her."

Erika walked into the foster room one morning and discovered two newborn kittens nursing on CeCe. Because of her small frame, they thought she only had two.

cat mom nursing kittensCeCe had four kittensErika

When Erika's husband checked on them later that day, he realized something was wrong.

By then, CeCe had four kittens, which took a toll on her small body. She had a complication and had to be rushed to an emergency vet.

cat mom newborn kittensErika stepped in to bottle-feed the kittens when CeCe was unable to care for themErika

After a long ordeal, CeCe returned to her foster home with her kittens but was withdrawn, unable to care for them. Erika stepped in and started bottle-feeding the litter every two hours.

On the third day, when Erika was tending to the kittens, CeCe approached her for snuggles. Curious, she smelled her baby, Gravy, and sat beside her as the kitten suckled from a bottle. "She seemed to want to be with her."

cat mom nursing kittensAfter healing, CeCe went into full mama modeErika

CeCe started purring when Erika put two kittens with her. She cleaned them and let them nurse. An hour later, she took on the rest of the litter and "went into full mama mode."

Fast forward three weeks, Erika received a call from the shelter with an urgent request.

cat kitten tuxedoThe kittens opened their eyes and started to waddleErika

"Two newborn kittens had been dropped off by a stranger that said, 'their mama rejected them,'" Erika shared.

"I picked them up to see if CeCe would accept them with her babies. She immediately kissed them and let them feed off of her."

orphaned newborn tuxedo kittensTwo orphaned kittens were brought to the shelter, needing a momErika

Her four kittens, Pumpkin, Pie, Biscuits, and Gravy, welcomed the tiny newcomers, Tater and Tot, into their crew, showering them with snuggles.

CeCe has taken over the feeding and cleaning duties for the new additions, keeping their bellies full and bodies clean.

cat accepts kittens tinyCeCe immediately accepted them as her ownErika

"Considering her young age and everything she's been through, CeCe continues to amaze me with her love for the babies, even two that aren't hers, and her utter joy," Erika told Love Meow.

cat mom nursing kittensErika

"She is always purring and loves snuggles and hugs. But once a baby makes a noise, she leaves our snuggles and attends to the kids."

The original four are gentle with the younger ones and encourage them to play.

kittens waddling cuteThe bigger kittens took to the tiny newcomersErika

They have started to venture out of their nest to explore, while CeCe keeps an eye on them every step of the way.

"Before I know it, I'm going to have six kittens running around everywhere."

loving cat mother tabby kittenErika

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