Cat Kept His Baby Sister Safe Before She was Born and Continues to Protect Her.


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A family rescued a cat from a farm, and the kitty decided to guard and protect their baby for life.

Meet Tiger!

Stefano De Munari

Stefano De Munari from Italy met Tiger the cat at his barn. The kitty was found abandoned and he immediately took a liking to the man.

"Sometimes it is meant to be. He chose me then, and when we found out that we were having our daughter Sofia, he was always close to her even when she was still in the mother's belly," Stefano told Love Meow.

Tiger snuggled up to the mother's belly and fell asleep on it, purring up a storm.

Stefano De Munari

After Sofia was born, Tiger was eager to meet her. Since then, he hasn't left her side as her very own purrsonal bodyguard.

"Since she was born, he has been protecting her and the two are always together," Stefano told Love Meow.

Stefano De Munari

Tiger wouldn't leave his baby sister's side.

When she napped, he stood guard, purring.

Stefano De Munari

If she needed a pillow, he offered some support.

The kitty is incredibly gentle and loving to his baby sister.

Stefano De Munari

They are always together, completely inseparable.

Tiger refuses to leave Sofia out of eyeshot. He will snuggle with her whenever he can.

Stefano De Munari

Tiger teaches Sofia what Cat TV is about.

Stefano De Munari

Growing up, watching Cat TV together!

Stefano De Munari

Tiger teaches his baby sister how to be a cat.

Cat lady in training!

Stefano De Munari

Sharing a chair together! They are like two peas in a pod.

Stefano De Munari

When it's bedtime, Tiger cuddles with his baby sister, keeping her safe and warm.

Stefano De Munari

It's been about a year since Sofia was born, and Tiger has never left her side.

Stefano De Munari

Best friends for life!

Stefano De Munari

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