Cat Found With Her Kittens in Impounded Car Has Her Dream Come True

Cat Found With Her Kittens in Impounded Car Has Her Dream Come True


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A sanitation worker found a cat and her litter of kittens and got them help just in time.

Little Wanderers

Earlier this year, a worker at a sanitation lot in East Harlem, New York City heard meows coming from an impounded car. He discovered a feline family nestling in the back seat.

The cat and her kittens had been living inside the vehicle, and were found just in time. The worker contacted Little Wanderers NYC and got them out to safety before the car was scheduled to be towed. "Talk about being saved in the nick of time," Lisa Winters of Little Wanderers told Love Meow.

After a trip to the vet, the cat mother and her kittens were brought to their foster home - no more sleeping in an impounded car or wandering the streets, scrounging for food.

Little Wanderers

Staci, a foster volunteer of the rescue, set up a room for the little family. The cat mom, LaBelle, quickly settled in and started tending to her hungry little kittens.

She was purring up a storm while her babies were blissfully nursing away.

Little Wanderers

Mama LaBelle was so happy to have a safe place to raise her kittens. She would come up to her foster mom for snuggles when she took a break from nursing.

"I'm so glad she and her babies are off the streets and safe and warm inside. She's such a sweetie and an amazing mom," Staci added.

Little Wanderers

When they discovered that LaBelle wasn't producing enough milk, they supplemented the kittens to make sure that all the mouths were fed and bellies were full.

Mama LaBelle purred and chirped as if to thank her foster mom for helping her kittens. "She greets me every time I go into the kitten room, wanting pets. She is full of breathy purrs and little cooing meows."

Little Wanderers

"When I work in the room she sits right next to me. She follows us everywhere and sleeps with us," Staci said.

Watch LaBelle and her kittens in this cute video:

"Mama LaBelle might not be producing enough milk to feed her babies but they love her none the less. She's been an amazing mom, but she's so ready to have her life back."

Over the next few weeks, the kittens blossomed into beautiful young cats.

Little Wanderers

When they were ready to find homes, the kittens were quickly adopted in pairs.

Mama LaBelle was patiently waiting for her forever family to come while giving everyone in the house love and snuggles.

Little Wanderers

After weeks of waiting, LaBelle finally had her dream come true.

She's back to playing like a kitten again, and will be heading to her forever home this week.

Little Wanderers

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