Cat Mother Tries to Save Kitten Frozen to Concrete and It Alerts Woman to Help

Cat Mother Tries to Save Kitten Frozen to Concrete and It Alerts Woman to Help


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It was bitter cold last Sunday morning when a good Samaritan spotted a mother cat trying everything she could to save a tiny kitten out of a storm drain in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

Courtesy of Nebraska Humane Society

The cat mama worked really hard, but it was to no avail. "She stayed by the drain, pacing and agitated" according to Nebraska Humane Society.

The good Samaritan who saw what happened through her window put on a coat and headed out to help.

The tiny kitten was dangling in the storm drain by one of her back feet that was frozen to the concrete. The kind woman used warm water to help free the leg. "The cat mother ran away when the rescuer went up to the storm drain," Pam Wiese of Nebraska Humane Society told Love Meow.

Once the rescuer was able to get the kitten safely out of the drain, she brought her in to the Humane Society to get the medical attention she desperately needed.

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Courtesy of Nebraska Humane Society

In order to save the little 11-week-old kitten's life, they decided to remove the frozen leg, but she is expected to make a full recovery and should be able to get around just fine with three legs.

"Stormy, as the good samaritan’s children named her, is doing much better today. She's surrounded by medical attention, warm blankets and snuggles," the shelter said.

Stormy's rescuer and her family plan to take the little tortie girl home when she's ready.

Courtesy of Nebraska Humane Society

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