Cat Plays with Remote Control Micro Mouse

Cat Plays with Remote Control Micro Mouse


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A YouTube video about a black kitten, Tink, chasing his remote control micro mouse, has been viewed more than 1.8 million times and has melted a lot of people's heart with Tink's adorable, playful nature.

The Remote Control Micro Mouse seems like it would be a wonderful addition to my cats' toy collection. It is a fun, interactive toy where you and your cat can have fun and thrill together.  I can't wait to see how it is like having 3 cats chase after a small mouse. It'd be cute to watch.

The remote control micro mouse costs about $12.90 at amazon.

The video blow shows how Tink plays with the remote control micro mouse. If you have not watched it yet, you should check it out. If you have seen it already, you should watch it again. :-)

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