Cat Rips Large Box into Shreds, His Human Captures the Whole Process on Camera


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This is how Elliot the cat annihilates an entire cardboard box, literally ripping it to shreds. Maybe it is a type of kitty art form.

Elliot's human thought their tuxedo cat would appreciate the new bed they made for him. After settling in, the kitty began working on a flap of the box, gnawing away. A few days later, one part of the box completely vanished but the kitty seemed to be very proud of what he did.

"Elliot likes to tear up cardboard boxes. This is his third one, and this time I managed to film it. It took him roughly three months to finish the job," Elliot's human said.

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Cleaning has been a daily chore... Elliot takes his box work very seriously and thoroughly. Just look at the progression of his ever changing box and how it goes from whole to complete decimation.

Watch the full video here:

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