Cat Saved By Support Through Social Media Now Ready To Start New Life


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Last March, Jazmine was taken into Animal Care and Control after being injured in a car accident that broke her pelvis. She was unable to walk. They ended up labeling her as unadoptable and were about to give up on her. With less than 12 hours, Jazmine's life turned around by a plethora of help and support through social media.

"Cat rescuers had less than 12 hours to get her out and into vet care. Social media rallied behind her, and helped raise thousands for her care. Jazmine had surgery to put steel plates in her pelvic bone, and began healing in our foster care," said Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition.

"Jazmine is now completely healed and ready to begin her new life!" What she needs now is a forever home.

Jazmine was injured in a car accident. Rescuers had less than 12 hours to save her and get her vet care.

Social media rallied behind her and helped raise thousands to provide the surgery she needed for survival

She's completely healed today and ready to start a new life. What she needs now is a place to call home.

If you are interested in adopting Jazmine, you can contact Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition or follow them on Facebook.

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