Cat Saves Baby Squirrels Found in Yard and Becomes their New Mom

Cat Saves Baby Squirrels Found in Yard and Becomes their New Mom


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A cat found two tiny baby squirrels in the yard and took them into her home and started caring them like a mother would.

Meet Mimi!

"Many years ago my cat rescued two baby squirrels from the yard. Trying to find them proper help is how I became a wildlife rehabilitator," said Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates.

"My last house had a totally enclosed yard with eight foot fences. I had a cat door going outside. Mimi first brought in one baby. My other cat Boots tried to take the baby but Mimi protected "her" baby," Cummins told Love Meow.

"Mimi must have heard another baby outside yet I heard nothing. Mimi went and got it and brought it inside and put it with the other baby in her cat bed."

She looked after the babies, kept them by her side and made sure they were loved until Cummins found a local rehabber to take them. "Both baby squirrels were given to a rehabber then released back to the wild when able."

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What Mimi did inspired Cummins who later got her permits so she could help animals in need. Since then, she's saved thousands of baby squirrels and other wildlife because of this wonderful experience.

Mimi and one of her many foster babies.

Photo Animal Advocates

"People become wildlife rehabilitators in many different ways for many different reasons," she said. "Thanks, Mimi."

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