Cat Shields Her Kittens in Backyard Until Help Arrives

Cat Shields Her Kittens in Backyard Until Help Arrives


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A cat was found covering her kittens in a backyard, trying to keep them safe.

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Earlier this month, Little Wanderers NYC, a rescue group in New York City, received an urgent request about a feral cat and her four kittens. "They were found in a dirty Bronx backyard. We try hard to respond to need, and this family surely needed rescue," Little Wanderers shared with Love Meow.

The area is not safe to raise kittens. They knew they had to move the feline family immediately. Ariana, a volunteer of Little Wanderers, rushed to the scene. After hours of searching, she located the cat mom who shielded her kittens behind some metal bars.

Ariana approached them but the cat mom quickly ran off. She carefully scooped up the little ones and got them out to safety. But the rescue wouldn't be complete without getting the mom too.

rescue, kitten, feral, cat, momLittle Wanderers NYC

After waiting for a while but to no avail, Ariana left a humane trap and food in the backyard and decided to return the next morning.

Meanwhile, Antoinette C, a foster volunteer of the rescue, stepped up to help. She brought the 4-week-old kittens home, washed off all the fleas and got them cleaned and fed.

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The kittens were not shy at all, and quickly adjusted to indoor life. They were curious about everything around them and took to their comfy, warm bed right away.

When Ariana came back to the backyard the next day, she had the cat mom safely in the trap and took her to be reunited with her kittens.

rescue, cat, tnrLittle Wanderers NYC

The tabby was placed in a quiet room where she could feel safe. Once the kittens saw their mom, they made a bee-line to the milk-bar and started nursing.

The cat mom whom they named Remony, was still afraid of people but began to feel more comfortable around them. She would not hiss as long as they would not touch her.

"I know she feels safe from her body language but she is going to take more time to get acclimated to people," Antoinette told Love Meow.

cat, mom, kittens, nursingLittle Wanderers NYC

The kittens are thriving in foster care. They are loving their new abode and all the things they can climb. "They swarm us when we go downstairs and are loving the toys and jungle gyms. It's so cute to see them learning and exploring, and my kids love it," Antoinette said.

"I'm really trying to teach my children through foster about responsibility and love, so we can make each kitten/cat the most adoptable through hard work, adapting, kindness and exposure."

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The litter of four — Sterling (orange), Silas (cream Siamese with grey nose), Sutton (gray), and Savannah (cream Siamese with pink nose) — are growing by leaps and bounds.

In just one week, they have discovered cuddles, cat trees and their ability to scamper around the house like they own it.

foster, kittens, cuteLittle Wanderers NYC

Watch the kittens in this cute video:

Kittens - foster

With help from a team of rescuers and volunteers, mama Remony is able to raise her kittens in a safe home with comfortable beds and plenty of good food.

Sutton the kitten loves his little orange ball, but nothing makes him happier than snuggling on a warm lap.

cute, kitten, foster, playfulLittle Wanderers NYC

"Our volunteer spent hours rescuing the kittens and then helped to facilitate mom Remony's rescue," Little Wanderers said.

"We work extra hard to keep families together. It's a very happy ending."

cute, kitten, playful, gingerLittle Wanderers NYC

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