Cat vs Q-Tip

Cat vs Q-Tip


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When a cat meets a Q-Tip, something is bound to happen. It is as if there is a never ending rivalry between cats and Q-Tips. They just set off kitties like a time bomb. Cats will do anything to snatch the seemingly hard to attain stick-like thingy with their bare paws, but only to find out how easy it is for the little devil to slip and slide away. In a battle between a Q-Tip and a kitty, you will witness perhaps some of the most incredible moves by a cat. Whether it is levitating hops or jump-kicking an air-mouse, it is amazing what cats would do in order to nab the little stinker.

Kariniya the cat is wrestling with a Q-tip, and this is how it turns out. The ending is quite a surprising one.

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