Chester the Little Mischief Maker

Chester the Little Mischief Maker


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Written by ©Stéphanie (flickr: baloochester).

Chester was adopted when he was 4 weeks old as his owner could not afford to take care of him. He was neglected and was smaller than my hand. In the first 2 months he spent half of the time at the clinic as he was sick and needed treatment, but he was a real fighter and survived all the health problems.

Chester only weighed around 200 grams the day I took him to my home. He is very affectionate and slept on our necks or in our pajama for the first 2 months after he arrived.

He is very mischievous and playful. Everybody calls him a mummy's boy since as soon as I am in the house, he jumps on my lap. He is so very cuddly, but above all he LOVEs food.

He really wants to get along and show affection towards our cat Baloo who is also a rescue, but Baloo seems to be resistant to his friendliness. However, I have managed to catch them cuddling together once in a while. Let's hope they bond over time.

Photos courtesy of ©Stéphanie (flickr: baloochester).

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