Dexter and Cody Best Furiends

Dexter and Cody Best Furiends


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Dexter and his sister Cody came to their new home a few months ago. When they arrived, they stayed in the carrier for quite a bit, not brave enough to venture out just yet, but after a nap, they finally came out.

When they were out to explore, they were curious about everything they could put their paws on. Cody immediately took over the laundry basket and Dexter was fascinated by a blue toy ball. When Dexter found a box, he turned it into his own little fortress.

Dexter and Cody are very affectionate. Cody would use your arm as her own sofa. She is a bit shy and often hides behind her brother Dexter who seems so fearless.

They love to play together and snooze with each other, even share their mom's lap together. They are like two peas in a pod.

Photos courtesy of Karen Ward.

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