Family Took in Scrappy Kitten and Helped Her Blossom into Adventurous Cat

Family Took in Scrappy Kitten and Helped Her Blossom into Adventurous Cat


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A family took in a tiny, scrappy kitten born on a farm and turned her life around.

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Earlier this year, a pregnant cat was found on a farm, and she later gave birth to a litter of kittens. The farm owner reached out to their friend, Rachel, hoping to find the kittens good homes. Before they could be adopted, the cat mom suddenly vanished one day and left the feline babies behind.

The kittens were very tiny and needed someone to care for them. "We rescued Toast (the calico kitten) and her sister Raven. Unfortunately, Raven had some serious genetic problems and didn't make it," Rachel told Love Meow.

"Even though Toast was old enough to start on some soft food, she was too little so we began with bottle feeding, and she took to that very well."

The kitten latched onto her bottle like a champ and started to gain weight. The tiny tenacious calico refused to give up.

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Toast became quite attached to being reared by hand. It took her much longer to transition to eating independently from a dish. Around that time, she figured out how to use her little legs to run and jump. She went around her room, trying to explore every nook and cranny.

"She has gone from being a scrawny little kitten to being a very active happy kitty," Rachel shared with Love Meow. "From the start, she was very curious and adventurous."

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Rachel and her family gradually introduced the kitten to the rest of the house. She met Disco the gentle canine, and the two became instant friends. Soon, the smart kitty noticed that the family dog got to go outside, and wanted to tag along.

Once she found out about the dog's daily outdoor routine, she hatched an idea.

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The calico decided to come along when they would go out for a walk and wouldn't take no for an answer. She followed them into the yard like a puppy and trailed next to them everywhere they went.

"Toast absolutely loves to go outside with us. She is very attached to us and always stays close by while she is exploring," Rachel said.

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The fearless kitty is Rachel's most loyal companion. She is excited about their daily adventures together, likes to sneak-attack her canine friend but never leaves her human's side.

"She is a very independent cat, but she also loves to be around her people. Her black nose and coloring draw others to her right away."

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Toast wants to know everything her canine buddy is doing. The mischievous kitty never misses out on the action.

"They love to play in the yard or in the garage together. Toast and Disco are best friends and they always have each other," Rachel told Love Meow.

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The calico girl thinks she is part canine and that she runs the house and the yard.

She loves nothing more than spending time with her family and discovering new adventures together.

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When they get home from a walk, the kitten will hop on Rachel's chair or her lap, keeping her company at all times.

"She is just a big baby and has to be the center of attention."

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The tiny scrappy kitten has blossomed into a happy, adventurous young cat with a family that loves her to bits.

calico, kitten, nose markings@toast.the.kitten

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Toast the little mischief-maker!

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