Family Went to Adopt Kittens and Couldn't Separate These Three with Unbreakable Bond

Family Went to Adopt Kittens and Couldn't Separate These Three with Unbreakable Bond


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A family went to adopt kittens and couldn't separate these three who share an adorable bond.

bonded kittens trioThey found each other in foster care and became bonded friendsAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

Odahviing, a black and white kitten, was brought to Ashley Kelley, a fosterer of Wrenn Rescues, after he was found crying in a car engine. He was born with a bilateral cleft lip and had to be tube-fed for the first two weeks around the clock.

Once he was strong enough to eat on his own, nothing could slow him down. "He is very purry and sweet. He has the most pitiful meow when he wants to be held like a baby," Ashley shared with Love Meow.

A few weeks after his arrival, Ashley welcomed another special needs kitten into her care. Attis the kitten with a speckled nose has cerebellar hypoplasia, which makes him a bit wobbly. He is also blind but can navigate around the house using his other amazing senses.

kitten with cleft lipOdahviing the kittenAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

"He tracks everything impressively well by hearing and feeling vibrations using his whiskers," Ashley shared. "If you didn't know he was blind, you wouldn't be able to tell easily. He gets around shockingly well, and he pounces, runs and jumps with all the accuracy of any kitten his age."

When he was ready to meet Odahviing, the two hit it off as if they had always been litter mates. The brothers from different mothers became very attached and formed a special bond.

best friends cuddly kittensOdahviing and Attis share a very special bondAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

Attis would curl up into his best friend and fall asleep while purring into his ears. He grew braver and more confident having his buddy around. His blindness never held him back.

Around that time, a tabby named Matilda Beans came to Ashley in need of critical care. "She was part of a litter who came in with an upper respiratory infection, but since she was the runt, it hit her very hard."

They do everything together and are completely inseparableAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

While her siblings recovered, she continued to decline, battling a host of health issues. "It took a whole month of constant oxygen, multiple nebulizer treatments per day, very strong antibiotics, eye drops and nose drops to get her through it, but she was very strong willed and wanted to live, so she did," Ashley shared with Love Meow.

"She never once slowed down or let me wonder if she was not okay. She woke up for every feeding ready to eat and live, and tear my knuckles up for giving her medications."

snuggly kittensMatilda the tabby girl took to Attis right away and they started to cuddleAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

Once the tabby got better, she was on the move, looking for trouble. She was eager for friends to play with, and Ashley knew just the perfect company for her. "Matilda Beans got to meet the boys and it was immediate love," Ashley wrote.

"These three are bonded and have been the sweetest band of misfits. They brought my whole house so much joy — each so different, yet so complementary to each other."

She adores her new brothers and follows them aroundAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

When it came time for adoption, Ashley had a wish for the trio to find a home together but knew it would be a tall order. "Three cats is a big commitment to make."

A few weeks later, she was surprised when a family sent in an application for not one, but all three kittens. It turned out to be the perfect match she'd been hoping for.

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

"When their new mom reached out wanting to adopt all three, and asked me every right question I'd want an adopter to ask, I wept. Not one of these kittens was an after thought. All three are truly loved," Ashley shared.

The family is so smitten with the trio and loving the symphony of their soft purrs.

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

"We never thought of separating these three for a minute. We knew they were extremely bonded and we couldn't let that happen," the family wrote.

Matilda has already found her favorite spot by the window, and her brothers have also settled in beautifully.

The trio found their forever loving home togetherAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

"If she's not wrestling with her brothers or cuddling with me, she's in the window," the family added. "Now our journey starts with Odahviing, Attis and Matilda Beans. We couldn't be more excited."

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

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