Cat Sisters Raise Each Other's Kittens and Share an Adorable Bond

Cat Sisters Raise Each Other's Kittens and Share an Adorable Bond


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Bonded cat sisters are so happy to find help for their kittens so they can thrive together.

cat mom, tortie cat, kittenWillow and her kitten RowanKyndra @pnw_fosters

Maple and Willow, sister cats, have never been apart and share an endearing bond. When they came to Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary in Washington, they both had a litter of kittens and were in need of foster care.

"They were surrendered pregnant to another shelter by an owner who was not able to care for them. They gave birth at the shelter to eight healthy babies the same night then were transferred to us," Purrfect Pals told Love Meow. "When the kittens were a day old, they went straight into a loving and experienced foster home."

Kyndra, a foster volunteer of the rescue, took them in with open arms. She quickly noticed the strong bond between the sisters and how they took care of each other's kittens from the start.

cat mother, mom, kittenMaple and her kitten IvyKyndra @pnw_fosters

"They are the best of friends and so sweet to each other," Kyndra shared with Love Meow. "They are raising their babies together and both doing an amazing job at looking after the kittens."

As soon as Kyndra created a shared space for the two momma cats, they snuggled next to each other, wrapped their arms around their babies, tandem nursing the hungry little mouths.

The sisters stayed close together with their demanding kittens — forming the cutest tight-knit clowder. It was a team effort as they nursed and cared for their babies.

As the kittens grew bigger and more independent, the moms began to take more breaks as a duo. "But they ran back the moment one of the babies made a sound," Kyndra shared.

The two best friends enjoy sitting next to each other by the window, watching the day go by.

cats, sisters, best friendsWillow and Maple inseparable sistersKyndra @pnw_fosters

"Maple and Willow understand the household routine and are always waiting for me at the door when it's time for wet food."

The bonded pair do everything together. They keep each other clean, demand food in a perfect duet, and scamper around their room like they own it.

Here's Willow teaching the kittens how to play:

"Maple and Willow's bond is very special. Willow is far more obsessed with Maple than Maple is with Willow, but they love each other dearly," Kyndra shared with Love Meow.

"They deserve to have a life full of fun and playing, which is why I'm so happy that these babies will be their last litters."

lap kittens, cuteKyndra @pnw_fosters

The kittens have grown by leaps and bonds with the wonderful care from their foster family and unconditional love from Mama Maple and Willow.

"Whenever the kittens aren't running around and playing, I can get six to cuddle near me, with Ash, Oakley, and Sage often on my lap. Meadow, Aspen, and Ivy will be nearby, and Juniper and Rowan are the introverts of the group who prefer to be alone," Kyndra said.

lap cat, kittens, snuggly kittensLap kittensKyndra @pnw_fosters

The kittens are around 10 weeks old and have reached many milestones. The cat moms have taught them all the tricks they have up their sleeves, and are ready to spend more time together with their best friend.

Maple and Willow are starting to play with all sorts of fun toys and acting like kittens again. "They will be spayed and adopted out together as a bonded pair when they are ready."

"I'm very lucky to be able to see such strongly bonded sisters and know that they'll get to stay together forever," Kyndra said.

cute kitten, cheeks, adorableAsh the kitten smilingKyndra @pnw_fosters

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