Family Mourning Their Pet Gets a Surprise from a Stray Cat in Their Garage...

Family Mourning Their Pet Gets a Surprise from a Stray Cat in Their Garage...


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A neighborhood stray cat gave a family the most beautiful surprise after they lost their beloved dog.

Meet Lil' Grey and her babies!

The Gritty Kitties/YouTube

Andrew and his father Peter befriended a few local stray cats in their neighborhood in Toronto, and they feed them whenever they can. One of the kitties just kept coming back.

Lil' Grey, a beautiful green-eyed cat packed on a bit around the mid section over the winter. The family thought it must be her winter coat, but little did they know that the kitty was about to return to them with quite a surprise.

Peter often works in the garage at night. A bit over a week ago, he forgot to close the garage door, and it was left open over night. The next morning they woke up to the tiniest squeaks coming from their garage.

The Gritty Kitties

Upon investigation, they found not just one but a litter of three kittens along with their nursing mama, nestling comfortably in an old sleeping bag.

"We decided to take care of them until we find them a new home," Andrew said.

The Gritty Kitties/YouTube

Right before mama Lil' Grey brought her babies into their lives, the family said their emotional goodbye to their beloved dog of 19 years. Peter was especially heart broken over the loss. But miraculously the next day, Lil' Grey brought the family a beautiful gift--a little miracle.

Andrew decided to document the kitties' journey with his camera.

They moved the kitties inside the house when a snowstorm was about to hit.

Mama Lil' Grey is doing a wonderful job caring and nursing her babies. She's so happy to have a warm and safe place and all the belly rubs.

The Gritty Kitties/YouTube

The family is fostering the kitties until they are big enough for adoption and to be spayed and neutered. They plan to keep at least one but may get attached to all.

When the family was still mourning over their loss, a stray cat came and filled their hearts full again.

Watch the cute video:

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