Family Took in Pint-sized Kitten After He Was Found All Alone on the Street

Family Took in Pint-sized Kitten After He Was Found All Alone on the Street


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A palm-sized kitten who was found wandering alone on the streets, is determined to grow.

Erica @ericalikescats

Earlier this year, a TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer spotted a teeny tiny kitten on the street of Carson City, California. The tabby was very shy and hungry, riddled with flea dirt. At four weeks old, he was just the size of a one-week-old.

Alissa Smith, co-founder of Wrenn Rescues, learned about his plight and immediately offered to help. Erin, a foster volunteer of the rescue, took him into her care with open arms.

When she first saw the kitten, she was surprised by just how tiny he was.

Erin and Chris @catasticalmeows

"He weighed a mere 8.6 ounces, and was half the size he should be," Erin told Love Meow. "We thought he looked like a Mouse, and hence the name."

After a rough start to life, the kitten was all cleaned up, given medical attention and a safe, warm home — no more wandering the streets, fending for himself.

Erin and Chris @catasticalmeows

Erin and her 11-year-old son Chris took turns to feed the kitten around the clock. She made sure to give Mouse lots of TLC after every meal, especially during the wee hours in the morning. The tiny bundle of fur would climb on her chest or shoulder and purr loudly into her ear.

"He wanted to sit on your shoulder (for hours) and take in the surroundings."

Erin and Chris @catasticalmeows

The kitten was finally putting on weight, albeit very slowly. Every time, Mouse reached a milestone, Erin's family was there to celebrate it with him.

"He's starting to learn all things kitten, making biscuits, purring, playing with toys, and growing," Erin shared with Love Meow.

Erin and Chris @catasticalmeows

A few weeks later, Mouse joined the one-pound club and had outgrown Erin's hand.

After countless sleepless nights, syringe feedings, and plenty of cuddles, Mouse is becoming quite the character. "His personality is really coming out. What Mouse lacks in size he makes up for in cattitude."

Erin and Chris @catasticalmeows

Watch Mouse the kitten in this cute video:

Despite still being very tiny, the little rambunctious kitty doesn't let anything slow him down.

Erin and Chris @catasticalmeows

When he discovered a mirror in the room, he went full-on sass-mode against the little intruder from the reflective surface.

"No matter how many times he sees himself, he still crab-walks and attacks himself. He really has the best personality developing," Erin added.

Erin and Chris @catasticalmeows

Mouse is growing, little by little.

He's blossomed into a full-fledged lap kitty, and loves to play with the resident cats who are three times his size.

Erin and Chris @catasticalmeows

The little former stray loves his new life as an indoor cat and is thriving in foster care.

Erin and Chris @catasticalmeows

He is determined to grow into those big ears before he is ready to find a place to call his very own.

Erin and Chris @catasticalmeows

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