Feral Cat Warms Up to Her Rescuer When She Realizes Her Kittens are in Good Hands

Feral Cat Warms Up to Her Rescuer When She Realizes Her Kittens are in Good Hands


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A feral cat warmed up to her rescuer when she realized her kittens were in good hands.

cat and kittensRicky the cat and her kittensSalty Animal Rescue

Karly Saltarski, cofounder of Salty Animal Rescue, had been assisting the owners of a property to rescue feral barn cats in their area. When she was contacted about a young cat mother and her newborns, she didn't hesitate to take them in.

"After the home owners heard kittens crying in the garage, they knew she had given birth. With her being feral, she needed to be trapped (rescued). First, they had to find the babies that she had stashed in the roof storage area," Karly shared.

After some investigating, the home owners were able to locate the litter of two kittens. They also managed to bring the mother to safety, so no one would be left behind.

feral cat kittensThey were found as feral barn catsSalty Animal Rescue

Gone were the days of scrounging for food and shelter, now the feral cat named Ricky could raise her kittens in the comfort and safety of a loving home.

Ricky was very scared of humans at first, cowering in her nest with her kittens tucked under her belly. She would shove herself into any corner she could and avoid eye contact with people.

shy feral catSalty Animal Rescue

Every time Karly came into the room, she would let out a few hisses and keep her kittens closer out of instinct to protect them. But underneath that fearful exterior, there was not a mean bone in her body. Ricky didn't know people and Karly hoped to change that.

Karly continued to provide daily refreshment and all the space that the cat momma needed to feel comfortable and at ease.

cat mom petsMama Ricky slowly warmed up to her peopleSalty Animal Rescue

When the kittens were strong enough to move around and find their feet, they waddled towards Karly for attention and pets. Watching the interaction between the kittens and their foster mom gave Ricky some reassurance that people aren't so bad.

Slowly but surely, she warmed up to her foster mom and even opened up to receive pets and head scritches. She found herself melting into Karly's hand as she rubbed the back of her ears.

tiny cute kittenSalty Animal Rescue

"The progress she's made is huge. This means she will get to live a happy life as a house kitty once her babies are raised and she's been fully vetted."

Ricky has been a phenomenal mother to her demanding kittens, Bubbles and Julian. She kept them immaculately clean and well fed, passed on all her feline skills and guided the duo to reach their milestones.

brother kittens snuggleBubbles and JulianSalty Animal Rescue

Bubbles is the bigger of the two and the primary mischief-maker. Julian follows in his paw-steps as they run around the room creating antics.

With her kittens growing and thriving before her eyes, Ricky has become more relaxed and trusting around her foster family.

brothers black kittensSalty Animal Rescue

Now that the two brothers have entered the boisterous kitten stage, Ricky is spending more me-time enjoying her VIP life as an indoor cat.

"With all the hard times that come with rescue, moments like this keep us going."

cat mom kittenSalty Animal Rescue

Bubbles and Julian have taken multiple escapades outside their playpen and are ready to spread their wings and fly. Their mom Ricky continues her journey socializing with people and preparing herself for her future happily-ever-after.

panther kitty kittensSalty Animal Rescue

Thanks to the property owners who found them and the rescue that took them in, these beautiful kitties will get to live the best lives that they so deserve.

playful kittensSalty Animal Rescue

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