Five Foster Kittens Find Two Surrogate Parents who Don't Purr but Surely Know How to Love


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A litter of kittens have found a new mom and dad in two loving and caring Dalmatian dogs named Lady and Louie. As soon as they arrived in their foster home, Lady took them in like her own. Her buddy Louie also offers a helping paw.

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Nothing makes Lady and Louie happier than having foster kittens in the house. Their instinct is to care for the little babies.

"(Lady) thinks it's her job to love and protect them," said Jenny Pogue.

They were there when the kittens opened their eyes to see for the first time, and they watched the little wobbly babies when they learned to walk.

There's constant snuggling in the house. The kittens love their surrogate parents even though they don't know how to purr.

Watch as a tiny foster baby snuggles up with his new mom, when they first meet.

Lady the Dalmatian is now a mom to 5 fluffy purr-y babies, and she takes her job very seriously! Watch this cute video:

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