Flik the Stocky Kitty

Flik the Stocky Kitty


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Flik is quite a character in his family. He is a pudgy kitty with an incredibly round face and body. His favorite pastimes are sleeping and eating, but he also loves to play and make antics.

Even though Flik may look stocky, he can jump quite well and is very agile. He likes to jump on the top of the fridge to get to the highest point possible. Unlike many other cats, Flik is not a big fan of kitty grass. His mommy tried to offer him some, but he just turned his head and grimaced.

Flik is an expert in napping. He finds the cutest and funniest places to snooze. Sometimes, he sleeps on a pile of books, other times he squeezes himself in between things. Flik is an affectionate little boy who loves his hooman parents. During winter, he likes to snuggle next to his daddy and sleep in the same bed with his parents.

Photos courtesy of ©Faureing.

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