Flor the Kitten and Her Forever Home

Flor the Kitten and Her Forever Home


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Flor (means Flower in English) was born in a litter of five kittens from a stray cat mama, Madeleine. Madeleine was rescued by Marilia Bavaresco in south Brazil. Since Flor was born, even with closed eyes, she has always been the loudest and the most vocal kitty of all. "If we took her away from her mother, she would start crying like there is no tomorrow," said Marilia.

"One day I came home and found out that she was inside a little pot of food, sleeping. The mother didn't get to eat at all. Flor must have been the first kitten to venture out of the litter to look for food. She grew bigger and more playful very quickly. Later, we found a home for her. She is now living with my colleague, Liziane, who spoils her rotten, and she loves to play pranks on her family once in a while."

One day the family went out for a walk. By the time they returned, Liziane could not find Flor anywhere in the house. "She just disappeared. I searched everywhere, even inside the refrigerator," said Liziane. They looked through the entire neighborhood, but still the little kitty was nowhere to be found. Liziane's eldest daughter was about to burst into tears until she remembered to look into her drawers. "When she opened the little drawer full of socks in the wardrobe, she saw Flor taking a nice nap amongst all the socks. What a fright!"

"The other day I was on my computer. Flor usually stays by the chair while I am typing. But that day, she suddenly jumped onto my lap then hopped onto the keyboard, walking back and forth, creating a mess on the computer screen which took me an hour to clear up." Flor can be very mischievous, but her loving side is completely irresistible.

"Whenever I come home from work, she is always waiting for me to give her a cuddle. After the lovely greeting by the door, she will jump on the chair and hop up and down there for more love and affection from me."

"Flor has such captivating blue eyes. Her sweet and playful nature has all of us fallen deeply in love with her." It's beautiful to think how far she has come since the day she was rescued while still in her mother's womb.

Photos courtesy of Giane Portal (flickr: fofurasfelinas).

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