Four Newborn Kittens Saved From Trapped Inside Walls

Four Newborn Kittens Saved From Trapped Inside Walls


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A couple, Sue and Brian Davie, were perplexed by meowing sound coming from their home. They called the RSPCA for help. When firefighters came, what they discovered was a litter of four tiny kittens who have been sharing their home the whole time.

Firefighters found four tiny kittens trapped beneath floorboards after tearing up the floors and breaking open the walls.

"A stray cat had got into the loft of the bungalow and had a litter. The kittens had somehow managed to drop down one by one from a hole in the loft and gone into the cavity wall and then got underneath the floorboards," said firefighter Paul Nash via Daily Mail.

"I wouldn't have minded if they'd had to take the whole floor up to get them out. They were tiny - their eyes and ears were still closed they were so young. It's amazing they were all okay. The fire service was so good - they all did such a great job," said Mrs Davie.

Two of the rescue workers are planning to adopt a kitten each when they are ready for their forever homes. All 4 kittens were reunited with their mama cat and are now in good hands at the RSPCA.

Four tiny newborns are saved from inside the walls

Firefighter is breaking open a wall during the search

Rescuers are getting the kittens out from beneath the floorboards

Kittens were reunited with their mother at the RSPCA

Source: Daily Mail.

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