From Kitten to Cat, Dio the Ginger

From Kitten to Cat, Dio the Ginger


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Little Dio was born to a stray cat mama with five other siblings. Though he is not the fastest, he sure knows how to pull at his humans' heartstrings. This little fluffy boy has transformed from a itty bitty munchkin to a handsome ginger boy today.

Dio just came to this world

In week 3, eyes wide opened, playful & mischievous little Munchkin

Dio and his sister Isis have been adopted into their foster home and are very loved by humans and several canine buddies. The rest of the furry familyalso have found their forever loving homes :).

Photos courtesy of ©Heather Christenson (flickr: CrackbonkersHeather’s blog).

Where is Dio? He is on top of the pile. Mama cat Sunshine is buried underneath all the kitties

Week 6, Dio learns to wrestle with a doggie's tail

Week 7, Dio's first attempt to climb the cat tree

Week 9, little fluffy boy is more playful than ever!

Week 10

Beautiful Dio at week 16

Lovely Dio today
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