Great Cat Tricks

Great Cat Tricks


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Many people think cats are not trainable because of their solitary temperament. That cannot be more wrong. Cats can be trained and perform various tricks if there is something in it for them. You can use their favorite treat to reward them every time they perform a trick. Cats are very smart animals and are capable of doing many different dog tricks. The best way to train a cat is to find out what he likes to do and teach one trick at a time in repetitions.

Tips about training cats:

  1. Take it slowly and steadily
  2. When your cat does not seem to understand a command from you, he may be confused of your gesture or the name of the trick
  3. Give a lot of praise and a treat after every correct performance
  4. Don't be too critical at the beginning. Reward your cat, if he does something simliar or close to what your want. Once he gets the idea of the command, increase accuracy of the trick gradually


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