Guy Doesn't Believe Girlfriend's Cat Put Missing Kitchen Items On Bed — She Sends Photos to Prove It!


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A man from New York woke up to some random kitchen items on the bed. As a comedian, he jokingly faulted it on his girlfriend, but she said her cat did it.

"I didn't believe my girlfriend when she blamed missing kitchen objects on her cat so the next time it happened she was ready!"

Misha Ru @chelseasmisha

Brett Druck, a Stand-up Comic, was awoken in the middle of the night to something that shouldn't have belonged on the bed.

"I unpleasantly discovered a straw sticking in my side while sleeping next to my girlfriend (Chelsea) who is a generally neat person. Naturally I teased (accused) her the rest of the next morning about being a secret bird person building a nest in her bed," Brett told Love Meow.

Chelsea knew right away who the culprit was -- her cat, Misha (@chelseasmisha), who was known for his klepto tendency around the house.

"She insisted it was her cat and I told her that blaming it on the cat is exactly what a secret bird person would do. Sure enough the next day I got the whole string of pictures and the whole bird person conspiracy was laid to rest."

Misha Ru @chelseasmisha

Chelsea captured the whole act on camera in a series of photos.

Misha Ru @chelseasmisha

While Misha was rummaging in the cabinet, he found a pack of straws and immediately picked it out with his mouth ever-so-skillfully as if he'd done it many times.

He seemed to have purrfected carrying a large item out of the storage with his powerful canines.

Misha Ru @chelseasmisha

Misha then proceeded to walk into the bedroom towards his bed that he shared with his humans.

That tail pointing up to the ceiling with so much pride!

Misha Ru @chelseasmisha

Misha Ru @chelseasmisha

Once Misha settled onto the bed, he laid down his "prey" neatly on top of some fresh laundry.

That's his hunt for the day.

Misha is very proud!

Misha Ru @chelseasmisha

Chelsea sent the photos to Brett, and case closed! :)

Misha Ru @chelseasmisha

Misha is quite the character. He likes to treasure hunt in the kitchen and bring various items (prizes) to his humans to show off his hunting prowess.

"She loves Misha dearly and with good reason he's a fantastic cat. Misha is almost one year old and is equal parts affectionate playful and mischievous," Brett told Love Meow.

Misha Ru @chelseasmisha

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