He was Once Very Frightened, Now Can't Get Enough of Love. Kitty with Heart-shaped Nose Needs a Home!


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A tiny kitten with a heart shaped nose was found frightened and didn't want to be touched but now he can't get enough of love!

Courtesy of Melissa @oasisanimalsanctuary

Pharaoh was rescued along with his brothers Piper and Pepper in the summer of 2015 when they were about 7 weeks old. The little kitty with a heart shaped nose was very scared that his rescuer Melissa couldn't get to him on the first day.

"He was the shy one. He wouldn't come to me. He was hiding in the bushes and when I reached in to scoop him up I jammed my big toe into a decorative garden lava rock which not only hurt like crazy, it cut me up pretty badly too!" Melissa of Oasis Animal Sanctuary told Love Meow.

Despite the pain, she went back later and finally got him!

More info on Oasis Animal Sanctuary (Franklinville, NJ) | Instagram | Facebook

When he was rescued, he was hiding in the back of the carrier, completely frightened.

Courtesy of Melissa @oasisanimalsanctuary

Once he and his siblings arrived in the sanctuary, he slowly came out of his shell. Pharaoh has a little heart on his nose and Piper has little Dracula fangs (markings on his chin!)

Courtesy of Melissa @oasisanimalsanctuary

Now Pharaoh is no longer a shy boy. He constantly demands love and attention.

"Funny how the kitten who was most terrified is now one of the friendliest, most affectionate kittens I have ever known," Melissa said to Love Meow.

Courtesy of Melissa @oasisanimalsanctuary

"The boys not only survived but thrived once they arrived at Oasis Animal Sanctuary.

"Many months have passed and the kittens are turning into cats right before our eyes. We can't understand how these amazing little boys haven't been adopted," Melissa told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Melissa @oasisanimalsanctuary

Every time Melissa comes to visit them, Pharaoh greets her with that cute heart shaped nose!

Courtesy of Melissa @oasisanimalsanctuary

He loves getting his belly rubbed!

Courtesy of Melissa @oasisanimalsanctuary

Getting belly rubs (Watch video)

It's hard to believe Pharaoh is the same frightened kitten who didn't want to be touched, now he loves nothing more than spending time with his human friends and snuggling with them in their lap.

Now what he and his brothers need is a place to call home.

Courtesy of Melissa @oasisanimalsanctuary

The three brothers share an inseparable bond and are looking to be adopted together. Share this story and help the trio find their forever home!

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