Hercules Big Tabby Cat


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fat cat Goliath stray pic

This story goes back to 2007:

A stray tabby had been stealing food from a Gresham garage for weeks, but one day he found himself stuck in a doggie house - head and shoulders outside the doggie door, tummy and tail inside - while trying to plunder some dog food. At the time he was tipping the scales at 20.2 pounds.

The homeowner was surprised to see a cat stuck in the doggie house. She helped dislodge this portly kitty and let him stay there over night. The next day this sweet and playful cat was delivered to the Oregon Humane Society.

The shelter named the chubby tabby "Goliath". However, when they found the owner of the cat, they learned that the kitty was actually named Hercules, though it was very close.

According to unleashed he was "featured in an article about pet weight loss in Martha Stewart Living, and may become spokeskitten for a low-calorie cat food."

I hope the kitty has slimmed down a bit by now. Maybe his owner can get some tips from Socrates, the cat who lost 3.3 lbs in 100 days and became the biggest cat to ever take part in a slimming competition.

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