Homeless Deaf Kitten Turns Into Happy Deaf Cat


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Meet Meep, who went from a homeless deaf kitten and turned into a happy, beautiful deaf cat

"She was found as a kitten, covered in black mud on the side of the road. Not sure if she was a run away but she was a tiny baby kitten that could fit in your hand and was very weak, so we took her, cleaned her up, took her to the vet. Over the next few weeks, we noticed that she didn't respond to any noise or sounds, or coos of any kind. I suppose we just assumed she's deaf, but she's hyper-sensitive to other things, especially light and visuals. Moreso than the other cats," Melissa via reddit.

"She loves hanging out in the garage and watching. Also I've seen other cats terrified of Roombas and vacuums, but she loves to hang out with the Roomba when it runs."

To them Meep is just like any other cats. "I think all cats are weird and special in their own way... I don't really think she has any difficulties other than she can't sense when someone is creeping up on her. She relies completely on being able to see shadows. It's kind of funny to sneak up on her and hear her stunted meow (which sounds like a loud "wrrrrrl!") I love my deaf pet."

"I think sometimes she doesn't really know she's making a whole bunch of noises. She's kind of loud... Her meow is definitely closer to a 'wrrrrrllll!!" No 'eow' in the 'meow'!"

Meep has come a long way since the day she was found covered in filth, but a second chance has made all the difference.

Meep the deaf cat found covered in black mud on the side of the road

They took her home, cleaned her up, fed her and took her to the vet.

Over the next few weeks, they noticed that Meep couldn't hear, but she was hyper-sensitive to other things such as light and visuals.

She is curious and loves hanging out with her humans in the garage

All grown up today, Meep's turned into a happy, beautiful deaf cat

Meep can't hear like other cats, but to her and her humans, she is perfect and very special.

Photos via imgur.

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