How to Domesticate Feral Cats

How to Domesticate Feral Cats


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There are hundreds of thousands of feral cats in the US, but most shelters only accept  feral kittens because they believe that adult feral cats are not able to adapt a domesticated life. At the same time, many no-kill shelters are constantly at full capacity. Overcrowding is a result of an out of control feline population. Most feral cats are captured, then spayed and neutered and finally returned back to their colony. Kittens will be transported to local animal shelters and await someone to provide them a forever home. Is it impossible to domesticate adult feral cats?

Feral cats are decedents of stray cats. They have had very little interaction with humans, thus are fearful and distrustful of people. Though it is much easier for kittens to establish a relationship with us, adult feral cats would find it nearly impossible.

However, there are ways to gain trust from these cats and techniques that can help you acclimate a feral cat into your home. You just need to have a big heart and an abundance of patience. By the time you have won over a feral cat, it would be the biggest reward you could ever imagine.

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