Hydrox the Oddball in His Litter

Hydrox the Oddball in His Litter


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When Robyn brought home a litter of kittens to foster, one of them stood out from the bunch. A tiny kitten looked different from everyone else in his litter. All his siblings were Lynx-point Siamese mixes, but he happened to be a cute little tuxedo.

Robyn's neighbor found their mama cat on the street, unfortunately didn't make it in a car accident. The kittens were estimated to be around 3 weeks old at the time. Hydrox and his siblings were named after types of cookies because of how adorable they are.

Hydrox is very sweet, loving and vocal. He talks like a Siamese and purrs like a little purr motor. He'd climb all over you and ask to be petted.

Hydrox and his siblings found their forever homes within a week after they said good bye to their foster parents. It was bittersweet for Robyn to see them go, but by letting them find their permenant homes, she was able to help more kitties.

Hydrox and his siblings were fosters of Challenger’s House in Toney, Alabama.

Photos courtesy of Robyn Anderson (flickr: RobynAnderson, blog: Love and Hisses).

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