Identical Snuggly Lovebugs

Identical Snuggly Lovebugs


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Two grey fuzzballs were found in a barn by a kind person. Their stray mother left them there and never returned for them. But the two identical kitties' lives turned around on the day they were brought to their forever loving home.

They may look very much alike, but they have totally different purrsonalities. "Linus is laidback and loves to stay warm and cozy and eats most foods presented to him. Ada is a lot more tense and alert, extremely eager to go outside with us almost regardless of weather, and very picky about food. Linus goes crazy for catnip, Ada usually doesn’t care much for it. Neither will come and sit on your lap, but they may well curl up next to you and hope for/expect/demand a cuddle," said Jorunn, their human mom.

They are all grown up now. Here is their full story and what they look like today. Photos courtesy of ©Jorunn D. Newth (flickr: andedam).

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