Is Your Cat a Lefty or Righty


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Do you know if your cat is a left-hander, right hander or ambidexter?

A study shows that female domestic cats are more kin to manuver their right front paw as oppose to male cats that often prefer using their left front paw. The study concluded that the gender of the cat is a significant factor that ascertains their paw preferences.

While 90 percent of all humans are right-handed, of the remaining southpaws, more tend to be men. The differences are even clearer among cats. - Jennifer Viegas, Discover News

42 domestic cats were studied by the Queen's University Belfast School of Psychology. Co-author Sarah Millsopp designed 3 tasks which consisted of feeding a small treat out of a jar, hoisting a stuffed mouse above the cat's head and interacting with the cat using the same toy. The focus of each task was to see how the cats would respond with their paws.

Each hemisphere of cats' brain is in charge of different emotions. By nature, male cats have higher instinct to hunt and female cats are more tied to provide nurturing. The frequent emotions exhibited in each sex may determine how cats' brain is wired.

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