Izzy the Feral Rescue with Extra Toes

Izzy the Feral Rescue with Extra Toes


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Meet Izzy, a lovely kitty with extra toes and thumbs. She had a rough beginning, but a second chance has made all the difference in her life.

"Izzy was found by a friend of mine at Point Isabel Regional Shoreline. It is a dog park. She was found by the water behind a dumpster, pressed against a rock. Her eyes were crusty and infected. My friend was able to grab her and took her in...once I saw her, I didn't think I could resist," said Ellen S. who adopted Izzy into her home with many furry friends. "One of my dogs absolutely loves Izzy." Her name is  Oki and they are totally inseparable.

Izzy a feral rescue with thumbs, now fitting into her new home like a champ


Izzy and her best furiend Oki.

Photos courtesy of ©Ellen Soohoo (more photos of Izzy).

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