June the Odd-eyed Beauty

June the Odd-eyed Beauty


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June the cat has the kind of beauty that turns heads whereever she goes. She is a snow white kitty with two distinctive colored eyes. One is yellow and the other is blue.

"June came from the local shelter along with her sister, Ada. When my wife and I moved into our current house, and could thus get cats, a friend college who was fostering them convinced us to take them," said Keith K..

"June's condition is called heterochromia Iridum, which really just means different colored eyes. The woman who fostered them was initially concerned that it was connected to an eye infection around the time the yellow eye changed color, but our vet thinks it's most likely just genetic. Cats like this are sometimes deaf on the blue-eyed side, but June hears just fine."

June's purrsonality seems to coincide with her odd-eyed disposition. "Most of the time, she's extremely sweet and gentle. She follows me and my wife around the house constantly and comes when I call her. She begs to be brushed with a surprisingly loud and high pitched noise that sounds kind of like 'MRAP!' She's generally very affectionate," Keith added. But there are other times that she goes wild and feisty and is not shy about showing her sassy side.

Photos courtesy of Keith Kissel (flickr: kakissel).

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