Kasimir the Little Furry Survivor

Kasimir the Little Furry Survivor


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A stray cat mama had a hard time delivering her babies. Only two survived. When she was discovered the next day by Tim Bartel's girlfriend, she immediately picked up the cat mama and the two babies to the vet.

The cat mama had to go through an operation, and she would be all right. The only problem was she would no longer be able to nurse her two babies. Tim and her girlfriend bought bottles and kitten formula and were ready to embark on an around the clock journey to care for the kittens.

Kasimir is one of the kittens. He loved to wrap himself around Tim's neck when he was little. Kasimir is full of energy and mischief. Today he is a big boy who runs the house with his brother Gary and loves every single bit of his life.

Photos courtesy of Time Bartel (flickr: avatar-1).

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