Woman Drives 10 Hours to Adopt Blind Kitten, the Kitty Bonds with Her Rescued Dog

Woman Drives 10 Hours to Adopt Blind Kitten, the Kitty Bonds with Her Rescued Dog


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A woman drove 10 hours to give a blind kitten her forever home, and the kitty decided her dog would be her best friend.

Bryanna Rosario

Lime the kitten was rescued along with her sister when they were just three days old. Their eyes were not developed correctly and severely infected.

Jacksonville Humane Society (in Jacksonville, Florida) took them in and placed them in a foster home where they would receive round-the-clock care. They weren't sure if the kittens would survive the first 48 hours, but miraculously, they did.

Two weeks later, the kittens bounced back and were striving. "She and her sister are totally normal kitties without missing out on anything. Their other senses are so heightened, they are able to get around with ease," their Foster Mom (@foster.rinse.repeat) said.

Bryanna Rosario

Bryanna Rosario from Miami, Florida saw a photo of Lime, and the sweet blind kitty immediately reminded her of her rescued kitten Lemon, who was also blind and shared the same colored coat. Lemon passed away from a heart condition but got to know love and live his life to the fullest.

She packed up and made the long trip to meet Lime. "The first time I met her, it was incredibly emotional," Bryanna told Love Meow.

Bryanna Rosario

"I didn't want to have any expectations of Lime after Lemon. I didn't want to force any feelings I had previously with Lemon on her. When I held her for the first time, I knew she was a whole separate cat. She is totally different from Lemon and I love her just as much."

The kitty instantly snuggled her way into her heart. "It felt perfect as if Lemon just sent her my way."

Lime (left), Lemon (right)Bryanna Rosario

Lime was confident, brave, playful and happy from day one. She followed Bryanna everywhere around the house. Despite having no vision, she used her other incredible senses to help her "see."

"There is no sneaking around this little one. When she hears a can of food open, everyone better move out of her way."

Bryanna Rosario

Bryanna slowly introduced the newest addition to the rest of the furry crew in the house. Lime gained four siblings, two dogs and two older cats.

She quickly bonded with one of them - Letty the rescued dog.

Bryanna Rosario

Once Lime discovered Letty's tail, she was all over her canine buddy and wouldn't let her wander far away from her. A few days after they met, they were playing together and sleeping curled up next to each other.

"Letty and Lime have such a unique friendship."

Bryanna Rosario

"Lime will cry when I walk Letty, she is constantly seeking her out, and is always playing with her," Bryanna told Love Meow.

"Letty will go straight to Lime when she gets back from her adventures."

Bryanna Rosario

They are the happiest when they have each other. "When Letty has a toy, she'll try to share it with Lime in this awkward tug of war game. They are truly best friends."

Watch Lime and Letty in this cute video:

Blind Kitten and Rescued Dog - Best Friendsyoutu.be

Letty's presence gives Lime a sense of comfort and security, and Lime keeps her buddy company and showers her with baths and purrs.

Bryanna Rosario

Lime was a brave and adventurous little girl when she arrived at her new home! (Both Lime and her sister have found their forever homes)

Bryanna Rosario

She met her best friend Letty, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Bryanna Rosario

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