Kitten Born A Week Before His Littermates, Now 7 Months Later...

Kitten Born A Week Before His Littermates, Now 7 Months Later...


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A little ginger boy was born one week before his littermates. He was the tiniest thing they had seen but the little baby had so much fight in him.

Meet Peanut the cat!

Courtesy of Crys Malone

Peanut was born a week before two of his siblings. As a tiny preemie baby, the size of his human mom's thumb, he fought hard to live.

He was so small after birth that his cat mother didn't believe he would survive. "His momma is a farm cat. Shortly after his birth his mother disappeared. She thought he was going to die and left him," Crys Malone told Love Meow.

Little Peanut barely had any fur and couldn't regulate his body temperature. He had trouble breathing, and needed immediate help and lots of TLC.

The family began to feed the tiny baby every two hours and kept him warm on their chests.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

A week after having Peanut, his cat mama returned and surprised the family with two more babies. They were born healthy and were bigger than Peanut in size.

At one week, little Peanut had finally grown big enough to fill his human mom's palm.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

When they reintroduced Peanut to mama, she took to him and started grooming and caring for her baby as if she was overjoyed to know that her miracle kitten survived.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

Peanut caught up in size and became fluffier than ever.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

The little fighter.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

He became a playful lap kitty!

Playing roly poly with his human mom.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

Cuddling with his cat mama at their forever home.

Happy and loved!

Courtesy of Crys Malone

Three siblings fighting over the big chair.

Courtesy of Crys Malone

Seven months ago, little Peanut was born a week early, and no one knew if he would make it the first night.

Look at him now!

Peanut (right) and his brotherCourtesy of Crys Malone


What a handsome boy!

Courtesy of Crys Malone

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