Kitten Who Couldn't Use His Back Legs, Can Feel His Toes Again

Kitten Who Couldn't Use His Back Legs, Can Feel His Toes Again


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Oats the kitten was brought to a shelter with a back injury. He couldn't use his hind legs, but shelter staff refused to let that be his fate.

Ellen Carozza

Oats came to the Humane Rescue Alliance (in Washington D.C.) a couple of weeks ago, for a second chance at life. The shelter reached out to NOVA Cat Clinic as they have a program in place to help orphaned kittens with critical care.

"He came to the shelter at the end of November with a spinal injury from being caught in a heavy door. When they had him, he had no deep pain and could not sit up or stand properly," Ellen Carozza, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician, told Love Meow.

Being unable to feel or control his hindquarters, the kitten needed a lot help. "His foster family expressed his bladder and cleaned him multiple times per day as he was incontinent at the time."

Ellen Carozza

The kitty quickly warmed up to everyone at the clinic as if he knew they were helping him. Ellen took him into her care so he could get the medical care he needed.

After assessing his condition, the veterinary team saw hope in his recovery. "Even if we can't get him 100%, we can get him close. No matter what, most paralyzed cats have an amazing quality of life. They just needed the right family to cater to their unique needs," Ellen added.

Ellen Carozza

Despite what he has gone through, Oats continues to play and explore without a care in the world. He uses his front legs to help him move around and doesn't let anything slow him down.

When he is not playing, he enjoys being carried around the house like a purrito.

Ellen Carozza

"His ear is naturally folded back in a kink and we call it a 'feature,' It is what makes him 'Oats,'" Ellen said. "He also enjoys playing with other kittens. He fits right in to any situation very quickly."

The clinic has started him on a class 4 MLS laser therapy and electroacupuncture to help decrease inflammation and stimulate blood flow.

Ellen Carozza

Then one day, to his surprise, Oats felt something that he hadn't felt in a while.

Watch his journey in this video - he can feel his toes again:

Oats the kitten can feel his toes again!

"After his second session of electroacupuncture at NOVA Cat, he is showing sensitivity even if you just wiggle his toes and attempt to get him to unknuckle his feet when you make him stand. He even stretches and flexes his toes when you rub his belly and responds to his leg exercises," Ellen told Love Meow.

A few sessions later, the kitten is no longer incontinent and has graduated from wearing diapers. Oats still needs some assistance when he goes potty, but the little guy has made incredible progress.

Ellen Carozza

The brave kitty never dreads going to the vet and demands all the attention he can get. Currently, he gets electroacupuncture and laser treatments several times a week to keep up with his recovery.

Oats befriended another rescued kitten, Amos, and the two immediately started creating antics together.

Ellen Carozza

The little guy continues to surprise his humans what he can accomplish, given a second chance.

He's a tiny kitty with amazing resolve.

Ellen Carozza

They hope someday Oats can get back on his hind paws and walk again.

"He is simply a delight. He is bright, playful, takes his day in stride and is very affectionate," Ellen said.

Ellen Carozza

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