Kitten Can't Use His Back Legs But He Proves He Has So Much to Love...


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A tiny ginger kitten had a rough start to life. Despite being partially paralyzed in his back legs, nothing can slow down this little bundle of joy!

Meet Scooter!

The Cat House On The Kings

At seven weeks old, Scooter suddenly faced against an unthinkable fate. He was spotted being thrown from a car in front of a local cemetery. A Good Samaritan saw it and scooped him up and rushed him to the Cat House on the Kings (CHOTK) in Parlier, California.

"Scooter has been examined by several vets and x-rayed and nothing is broken, but he sustained nerve damage," Harvie Schreiber of CHOTK told Love Meow.

The little kitten had an amazing will to live. His injury caused paralysis in his back legs, but Scooter refused to give up.

The Cat House On The Kings

"He showed slight improvement after getting some Prednisone."

It's hard to tell whether Scooter will continue to improve, but the staff at the Cat House on the Kings are doing everything they can to help him get stronger while cheering him on as he continuously shows incredible spirit and fight.

The Cat House On The Kings

"That doesn't slow him down one little bit! He's eating well, playing all the time, and he scoots around and enjoys life to the fullest," the rescue said.

"We're still hoping his legs grow stronger."

The Cat House On The Kings

That's what Scooter's foster mom is determined to make happen.

"KQ Supervisor Karla Cortez plans to start wrapping his legs for a few hours a day and stretching them out (physical therapy). Karla is also taking him home and working with him."

The Cat House On The Kings

Just a few days after the rescue, little Scooter is able to move around on his back knees and even stand sturdily on his own.

He's loving all the attention from his caregivers and is thriving with love.

The Cat House On The Kings

Little Scooter deserves a great life and a loving home despite his disability. Just like Chloe the cat, paralyzed kitties can do things like any other cat. These incredible felines are able to adjust and adapt, and they can live a quality life. All they need is a family to open their heart and love them forever.

Little Scooter doesn't know he's any different from other kittens.

The Cat House On The Kings

If you would like to support their rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help.

Watch little Scooter in this video:

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