Kitten Rescued from a Running Car on Highway

Kitten Rescued from a Running Car on Highway


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According to News 4 Jax, a kitten was spotted hanging onto the bottom of a fast running car by a woman who became the hero of this story.

Amy Jones was driving on a highway (I-95) in Florida where she saw a kitten under a car. She eventually caught up with the driver, rolled down the window, signaling the driver to stop the car because there was a kitten underneath.

They pulled the car over and crawled under it to get the cat out. Jones took the kitten to Animal Medical Clinic in World Golf Village, where stray cats are often brought in for treatment and eventually get adopted out.

The little kitten only had a few scratches on one of his paws from running it on the asphalt because he was stuck on the axle facing down. In fact being stuck on the axle was what saved him from falling off the car onto a busy highway.

Video: Cat Survives the Frightening Ordeal - was stuck under a car on a highway

Jones named the kitten Axle for what he went through. The kitten should recover in a few weeks.

Cats usually crawl under a car for heat, but in the case where they get stuck, it can be very dangerous.

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