Kitten Who Was Found on Side of the Road, is So Happy Despite Having 3 Legs

Kitten Who Was Found on Side of the Road, is So Happy Despite Having 3 Legs


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Pink the kitten was found with a severely injured leg. A Good Samaritan saw her and refused to leave her behind.

Cheltenham Cat Rescue

This sweet kitty was rescued by a caring member of the public in Melbourne, Australia. She was spotted in a bush on the side of the road with a badly damaged right leg. The kitten was very frightened and tried to run away from people.

Her rescuer never gave up and persisted on saving her and getting her the help she desperately needed. "Once she was finally captured, it was clear to her rescuer that her tiny body was in bad shape and she needed medical attention as soon as possible," Lower Plenty Veterinary Clinic said.

Pink was brought to the clinic where they determined that her damaged leg was unsalvageable. "She was terrified of people and tried to escape at every chance. Pink was admitted to the hospital and had her leg amputated the following day."

They knew she would improve and heal over time, but never expected just how much of a difference it would make right after surgery.

Lower Plenty Veterinary Clinic

"Pink turned into a different kitten. Although still shy, she was able to be picked up and cuddled, and even purred!"

Staff at the clinic were amazed by her progress. Despite having three legs, she was the happiest she had ever been. To secure her treatment and ongoing care, Cheltenham Cat Rescue stepped in and took her under their wing.

Cheltenham Cat Rescue

After a couple of months in foster care, Pink has fully recovered and blossomed into a gorgeous tri-pawed kitty with an endearing personality.

"She is as cuddly and playful as any other 'normal cat', if not more," Cheltenham Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow. "Pink specifically is a quite confident girl and is interested in everything you do."

Cheltenham Cat Rescue

The rambunctious kitty loves to play and is just as agile as any other cat. "If you've got a toy she'll be right there jumping and catching it with her one leg."

She's brave and lets nothing slow her down.

Cheltenham Cat Rescue

Despite her rough beginning, Pink continues to show affection and is eager to be loved.

"When it comes to bed time, she'll be the perfect heat source by snuggling up close and rolling around finding that perfect comfy spot," the rescue shared with Love Meow.

Cheltenham Cat Rescue

The sweet 3-legged kitty is looking for her next big adventure — her forever home.

"She is cuddly, loyal, playful and crazy and after all she has been through, lives life to the fullest!"

Cheltenham Cat Rescue

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