Kitten So Happy to Have Warm Lap to Sit on After Being Found in Recycling Bin Looking for Food

Kitten So Happy to Have Warm Lap to Sit on After Being Found in Recycling Bin Looking for Food


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A kitten is so happy to have someone to lean on after being found alone in a recycling bin, searching for food.

stray calico kittenAngelica Rose the calico kittenLittle Wanderers NYC

On July 11, Solomon, a resident from Bronx, New York, and his family heard the cries of a kitten from their porch. A tiny stray was somehow stuck in a recycling bin, struggling to climb out. It was believed that the starving calico climbed inside the bin to rummage for food.

Solomon scooped her out and reached out to his community page, hoping to get the kitten the best chance at a good home. Little Wanderers NYC, a volunteer-run cat rescue, immediately stepped in and offered to help.

"(The family's) 9-year-old daughter named the kitten Angelica - hence, her name Angelica Rose," Suzy, an emergency fosterer of the rescue, shared with Love Meow.

rescued stray kitten porchShe was found in a recycling bin on a porchLittle Wanderers NYC

The family cleaned up the calico and transported her to her foster home with Suzy, who prepared a comfortable nest, good food and medication for a healing wound on the kitten's neck. "We figure she got cut while rummaging through metal cans for food."

At about 5-6 weeks old, the kitten was severely underweight. With the help of the kind family and Little Wanderers NYC, she was finally on the mend.

Little Wanderers NYC

"She was absolutely ravenous when she came to me, and I could feel her tiny vertebrae — she was starving and dehydrated," Suzy told Love Meow.

After eating to her heart's content, the calico stretched out in a food coma, catching up on lost sleep. "She went to bed that night snug as a bug in a rug with her heartbeat pillow and lots of love!"

hungry calico kittenShe was so hungry that she inhaled half a large can of food that nightLittle Wanderers NYC

It only took a full meal and a goodnight sleep for the kitten to come out of her shell and begin to seek affection.

Angelica was so happy to have a roof over her head and to be catered to. As soon as she experienced touch and pets, she wanted more.

She was all cleaned up and got a full bellyLittle Wanderers NYC

"It's been sunshine and rainbows since then. She is very playful, a great eater, and still learning the litter box," Suzy added.

Angelica likes to place her paws on her human or perch on a warm lap whenever she needs extra attention. The sweet calico is so content now that she has constant company and is soaking up all the love she can get.

cute calico kittenAngelica quickly grew to enjoy the company of her peopleLittle Wanderers NYC

She is living up to her name, following her people around and watching them like the perfect angel. The kitten is loving life and never wants to be alone again.

"She walked onto my lap yesterday for a nap! And I have gotten some low level purrs," Suzy shared with Love Meow.

sleeping calico kittenSleeping like an angelLittle Wanderers NYC

Angelica is very tiny at merely one pound and still has a lot of growing to do. She loves food and is figuring out her assortment of new toys and cat posts.

kitten perching cat postShe found a cat post and made her way up to the topLittle Wanderers NYC

Little Wanderers NYC is working with the family to make sure that no other kittens are left behind, and that the cat parents can be spayed and neutered to put an end to the cycle.

Meanwhile, the calico is learning how to cat with the help of her foster family, and loving her VIP life as a spoiled indoor cat.

Happy and lovedLittle Wanderers NYC

Angelica is blossoming into a confident, snuggly, playful kitty and a true heart-stealer.

Little Wanderers NYC

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