Kitten Survives 120 Mile Trip Beneath SUV

Kitten Survives 120 Mile Trip Beneath SUV


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Flickr: mbzclkgtr

It's winter time and many stray cats are trying everything possible to keep warm. Cars become these cats favorite nesting place.

Mark a local man got on his SUV yesterday after work. When he took a break at a red stop, he heard some meowing, but did not find any trace of a cat. By the time he returned home, the meowing resumed. He brought a flashlight to check underneath the SUV and found a kitten hidden in a spare tire. Mark's daughter used some salmon to lure the kitten out. They tried to warm up the kitten since it was at freezing temperature outside.

The 3-month-old kitten did not have a microchip nor was he wearing a collar. Mark was not able to find the kitten's owner, so decided to adopt him. The only thing left to decide is a name for the little feline.

Click to play the video - Kitten traveled 120 miles under a SUV

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